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06 July 2011 @ 11:18 am
Username: ebonymoonblade
Fandom: Doctor Who
Claim: Doctor Who
Total Word Count: 7880 approx.
Warnings: Nothing over PG 13 for mild swearing.

1 2 3
Theme Heart Shattered Theme Mortally Wounded Theme Lyrics
4 5 6
Theme Daffodils Theme Restless Theme Ocean
7 8 9
Theme Lies Theme A Hand to Hold Theme To be or not
10 11 12
Theme Q/A Theme Guilt Theme Empty Picture
13 14 15
Writers Choice 1 Writers Choice 2 Writers Choice 3

My Apologies for posting this on the Sixth, but I was really sick with food poisoning and heat stroke all at once, and being in front of the computer really hurt.
Current Mood: sicksick